What Class are You?

I drove around and asked people 'What class are you?'. Here's what they said. more


Mary Lake Sheep Slaughterer

A very intimate look at where food comes from more


It’s Town Meeting Again.

It's town meeting day. So let's TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN! more


Winter’s Bear

A show about neighbors helping neighbors. And seasonal depression. more


Speaking Whale

Author Tom Mustill on whale behavior, and AI's role in diciphering their language. Also, whale singing. Lots. more


More than a Dog

A show about our unique love of dogs, and the pain of losing them. more


Police Log: The Fanny Pack Edition

This is a show about some of the crime we deal with here in central Vermont. more


Fishing with Jay

Jay Allison takes me fishing and we talk about radio and getting old and falling in love with strangers more


Nature’s Top Deck, with Forrest Foster

Sitting at deer camp talking about hunting and loneliness and what to do next. more


Finn and the Bell

Finn Rooney killed himself in Walden, Vermont. This is a story about who he was and what he left. more


Fifty. A Phoenix Moment.

A show about turning 50 and recording Total Eclipse of the Heart. more


The Neighborhood

A postcard from childhood, that place we remember but can't visit anymore... more


Our Show One

Your pandemic stories, arguments, songs, middle of the night thoughts, grocery runs. Let's make some damn shows. more


Susan Asks, For Who? For What?

Susan delivers a dead owl to the Fairbanks Museum and then we talk about Covid. more


An American Life

In honor of Veteran's Day, a story of an extraordinary American life. more


Armand’s Garden

What does God have to do with gardening? For Armand...everything. more


Deer Camp

First night at deer camp. In a snowstorm. more


Nick Paley and a Shell with…

A conversation about working in HOLLYWOOD. And Marcel the Shell makes several adorable appearances. more


Leland is Moving On

Leland graduated from high school. Here is a show with all the Lelands, past and present. more


I Hate Google Meet

I am not fond of video conferencing. I learned this last week. more


Last Chapter

When Bill was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he asked his best friend to help him die. more


Forrest Foster, Independent Dairyman

He’s always practical and always generous and these things are always the same thing. more


Joslyn House

It's not a nursing home. It's not assisted living. It's a house...where love is evident. more


Makeup for Special Occasion

Tiana and I talk about what she has planned for her 1-year anniversary with her boyfriend. more


The Special Olympics Are Awesome

Excerpts from my day at the Fall Special Olympics. more


Bell Rising

Finn's bell finds its home at Hazen Union High School and rings in the Hardwick Memorial Day Parade. more


Sing Your Job

A little musical about not very much. more


An American Life

A story about war and hairdressing. more


Town Meeting

Where we make our own damn decisions. Civilly, and in person. more


A Perfect Drive with Garret Keizer

'What good is a poem? Maybe the good lies in the fact that there’s no easy answer to that question...' more


The Puppy Diaries

Chris and Beth got a puppy and recorded the first seven months. It was harrowing. And hilarious. more


Shaking out the Numb

The first show in an experimental series with Sylvan Esso. About everything. more


Thomas Talks About Coming Out. Twice.

Thomas talks about growing up with autism, and growing into his life as a gay man. more


Summer Musical

Pulling off a full musical with 120 kids in three weeks. It is a fricking miracle. more


Han’s Brain

A scientist on growing up second born in a one-child policy China. And we talk about the brain. And fish. more


The Defense

A show about the people who stand with the accused. more


The Farm, from THE BIG PONDER

Ira is a story keeper who collects epic tales from his everyday life. more


Hill Farm. A Tribute to Peter…

After forty years farming this land, Peter Dunning is getting done. more


I Am In Here

A journey into the life and mind of Mark Utter more



It turns out there really is something called school spirit. Now I’m a believer. more


Helena Becomes an American

Helena is taking her citizenship test. I asked her to record what it feels like to become an American. more


Awful Sisters Christmas. Pandemic Year Two.

It's been another hard year for Pam and Andrea and Amanda. more


It’s New Years. Remember Grant Owen.

I was cleaning and listening to Foreigner and I thought of Grant Owen. The perfect company for New Years. more


Will Staats, Hunting Biologist

A hunter and wildlife biologist takes me bird hunting. more


Growing Up in a War

Irfan tells me I can't understand war. I asked him to tell me about it anyway. more


Virtual Justice

What does justice lose when human contact is lost? more


Camp Zeno

A camp for people with and without disabilities that is the funnest ever. more


1900 Cars

It turns out there are a lot of ways to be food insecure and they're all invisible. more


Bird Man

Bryan Pfeiffer takes me birding and we talk about nature and a little about death. more


Susan on the Brown Couch

Susan and I lie on the couch and talk about her PI work, and some of the benefits of getting… more


Marriage in the Time of Covid

Marriage is hard. How hard is it during Covid? It seems pretty hard. more


Chris and Beth Sing

A show about Chris and Beth singing. Made from home recordings. more


Officer Clemmons

We talk about his childhood in the South, and one of the great loves of his life--Mr. Rogers. more


Party is Everything

To celebrate Inauguration Day...a show from Shaking out the Numb...PARTY IS EVERYTHING. more


Free Soup. Come.

Even if you don't like soup. Just come. more


An Interview About Interviewing with Jane…

I ask Jane Lindholm all the questions I've been wanting to ask for years. In her garage. more


Leland First Responder

Leland joined the volunteer fire department and I got a ride in his really loud truck. more


Surviving COVID, a Fever Dream

Daniel Kirk's story about surviving COVID, one fever dream at a time. more


Problems: The Awful Sisters Christmas Special

Three awful sisters plan a Zoom Christmas for their parents. more


Our Show Two

Our Show Two. Featuring...you during the pandemic. Come listen. more


A Talk About the F-Word, with…

A conversation with Bill Schubart about love and fatness. more


Police Log: Don’t Park Too Close…

Police here in central Vermont have been overrun with calls...and the cases are complex. Here is a special report. more


Karl Hammer and the Donkeys

A show about donkeys, optimal chickenhood, and our future on earth. more


Herschel’s Song

A practical joke from a loved one in the hereafter... more


Knots and Pandemics

Another celebration of mundane, beloved objects used in our unglamorous everyday lives... more


Leland in a Pandemic

Leland just finished 10th grade in the middle of a pandemic. We sat in separate cars and talked things over. more



In her sixty years, Winnie has learned that not all Christians are actually Christian. more


Our Show Three

Here is Our Show 3 ... your recordings during the pandemic. more


Our Show Four

Our show....made of your recordings about the pandemic more


Our Show Five

Our fifth show, made with your recordings about the pandemic more


Our Show Six

Your recordings about the pandemic. more


Our Show Seven

Pots and pans in Barcelona, in Toronto, in Putney, Vermont. Your recordings of the pandemic. more


Crossing Guard

A guest show from Bianca Giaever about loneliness, God, and the quest to live a meaningful life. more


Brand New Life

A second conversation with T.O. about starting a new life after prison. Which is complicated. more


Gamelan and Subjects of Consequence

One instrument comprised of thirty instruments, played by a unique collection of individuals in central Vermont. more


Peter Schumann, Advisor General

A conversation with Bread and Puppet founder and director, Peter Schumann. And some fiddling and drumming. more


A Good Death

Tim Kasten's words on death and dying, and building a pine box for Tim, after his death. more



A quick announcement about my dad. more


Bear Man

Ben Kilham knows black bears better than anyone you know. And I could listen to him talk forever. more


One more thing about Ben Kilham…

An outtake with Ben Kilham about living with dyslexia. more


Susan and I Talk About Cancer

Almost 50. The kids almost launched. Susan has a treatable cancer. We talk about what happens next. more


Sylvan Esso is a Good Band

A conversation about life on tour, musical collaboration, and church. Sort of. more



A show about graduating from high school. Excitement, plans, fears, and...prom. more


Leland Will Figure It Out

Leland and I drove to Number 10 Pond and talked about high school. And girls. And avocado toast. more


Truck Redux

Guys talking about their trucks. more


Bobcat Hunter

Patrick Soniera loves bobcats more than most anyone else, and every now and then he kills one. more


Problems, Episode 5: Vacation

The 5th episode of the radio drama, Problems. Joel just came back from vacation. But of course...there were problems. more


Logging By Hand

A story about the loggers who still cut with a chainsaw. more


Captain JP Sinclair

Captain JP Sinclair has investigated Vermont's most notorious homicides. Plus we used to play little league together. more


Amelia Drives Around

Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso takes a slow drive before soundcheck. She's a really good driver. more



I followed Christine Hallquist in the last days of her gubernatorial campaign. She was fun. more


Victim Advocate

Stories from the people who stand with victims of crime, from investigation through conviction. more


The Neighborhood

A postcard from childhood, that place we remember but can't visit anymore... more


Let’s Pull the Damn Woman Card

Candid conversation about being a woman and not being a man running for office. more


Plain Life

He's seven days out of federal prison, and looking for a plain life. more


Game Warden

I spent a day with game warden Jeff Whipple during deer season. It was exciting. more


Problems Episode 4: Coffee and Public…

A radio drama about two friends who support each other through their problems...in this episode, coffee and public school. more



An up-close look at the mental healthcare crisis in our emergency rooms. more


Robert Ford Last Ambassador

The last U.S. Ambassador to Syria arrived in the country just in time for the civil war to begin.... more


Problems, Episode 3: A Celebrity Interview

An interview with acclaimed performance artist Steve McFadden more


When the Food Runs Out

Conversations with Americans who don't have enough to eat. more


They Are Us, Part 1: Sarah

The story of one woman's struggle with major depression, and her recovery. more


They Are Us, Part 2: Home

Housing for people with serious mental illness is in short supply... more


They Are Us, Show 3: Parents

What it's like day to day, year to year, to be the parent of a child with schizophrenia. more


They Are Us, Show 4: They…

In this show we look at the challenges in our community mental health care system. more


They Are Us, Show 5: My…

A story about Vermont’s only permanent, supervised housing for people with serious mental illness. more


They Are Us, Show 6: I…

Leslie hears voices. This is a story about what it’s like to be normal, from Leslie’s point of view. more


Problems, Episode 2: Open Mic

Pam and Joel plan a song for open mic. They're excited but there are always hurdles. more


They Are Us, Show 7: Work

The role that meaningful work plays in the lives of those with serious mental illness more


Driving Around With Susan. Again!

Private investigator Susan Randall talks about preparing a life story for a sentencing...then moving on. more


One of Those Teachers

A show about the love and art of teaching elementary school. And 6th grade mating rituals. more


Police Log, Gancy’s Cows Edition

It's getting warmer here, and things are heating up at local police departments. more


Learning the Trade

A valentine to people learning to work in the world, and the people helping them get there.... more


Vermont Private Eye

Susan Randall talks about 15 years as a private investigator in Vermont. more


The Museum of Everyday Life

Clare Dolan's mission of glorious obscurity. more


Graffiti Photographer

Steve has spent decades wandering alleyways, climbing under bridges...documenting graffiti. more


Shaggs’ Own Thing: The Story of…

Either one of the best bands from the '60s, or one of the worst bands of all time. more


A Tribute to Greg Sharrow

What happens to love after memory is gone? A tribute to Greg Sharrow. more


Scott’s Nature

Scott Carrier tells the story of a place in the wilderness far, far away from the news. It's a musical. more


Leland. It’s a Porcupine!

The fourth season of Leland, my neighbor on the next hill over. This year...survival, cow skulls and North Korea... more


Problems, Episode 1: Grout and the…

Pam and Joel help each other through their problems. We listen. more


Carl. A Different Breed of Cat

A conversation with one of Vermont's last mountain men. more


Son Lux

Ryan Lott, founder of Son Lux, talks about where he goes looking for music in his brain. more



At 26, Scott Carrier hitchhiked across the US and ended up at NPR's front door. This is the story. more


Dunkin’ Donuts

Seasonal depression, Dunkin' Donuts, and learning about civic engagement in middle age. more



A few minutes in the barn with John and Eddie Rowell. more


Catastrophe and Grace

A story about mime and Parkinson's Disease more


Seasons Greetings From Liz and Jerry!

An annual season's greetings card from the Danforths. Fair warning, they had a rough year. more


Hill Farm

After forty years farming this land, Peter Dunning is getting done. more


Police Log, Burning Lawn Chairs Edition

Pretzel-related crime and more trouble at Dunkin' Donuts. The police have been busy. more


Benedict Arnold’s Leg

Steve Sheinkin talks about boring textbook writing, the politics of American origin stories, and Benedict Arnold's leg. more



Guys talking about their rigs. more



Stories from the people who serve your food. more


Mind Windows

A public radio program that gives your mind a chance to open its windows. Open them and then...see what happens! more


Three Weeks

An intimate conversation about the loss of a baby. What happens after the hardest thing happens? more


Crime and Punishment Under Trump

Jeff Sessions is bringing back the war on drugs. Why should I care? more


Driving around with Susan

Private investigator Susan Randall and I drive around and talk about criminal justice and single parenting. more


Your Neighbor

Victor is an undocumented Mexican farm worker whose future is increasingly uncertain. What is it like to never feel safe? more


Hunger is Boring

How feeding hungry people works. And how it's not working. more


Four Jobs and No Money

Beth has 4 jobs and not enough money. What is it like to never have enough? more


We Are Sending You Light

Temporarily healing the weary through song. more


Another Day Older

What we imagine our lives will be, what our lives have been, and discussion of age appropriate clothing. more


Our School

What school consolidation means for small town life in Vermont... more


Leland is Almost Done Seventh Grade

It's been a year since we've heard from my neighbor, Leland. Here's what's on his mind. more


Judge Cashman

Retired Vermont judge Ed Cashman talks about 25 years on the bench, and why punishment is never enough. more


Deep Stealth Mode

"When my son was three and just learning to talk, he informed me that 'he' was a 'she'." more


Six Parents. Six DCF Stories

A close look at what it's like to be a parent inside the DCF system. more


The Wildlife

"Two pigeons, named Cody and Megan, were house hunting on the balcony of my apartment..." more


Inside DCF

A rare look inside Vermont's most private and most troubled state agency. more


Nicholas is Waiting

A short visit into the mind of Nicholas, who waits patiently for his first child to make an appearance. more


Seasonal Update from the Keens!

Ho ho ho! It's time again for the annual seasonal update from the Keens! more


Seasonal Update

Here's a seasonal roundup of highlights from a year in the Becht family. Happy Holidays! more


Hot Bird. Again.

'You work each bird as an individual...' more


Police Log, Bunk Bed Dispute Edition

A stolen garage door clicker and a growling female. Here's your summer police report from central Vermont. more


After the Forgetting

A show about love, family and dementia. In two parts. more


Object of My Affection

Not all true love gets a holiday. more


Charlie Hunter Paints Outside

Painter Charlie Hunter talks about what it feels like to make paintings, and we drive around in his Honda Element. more


Lentils Suck

That’s the thing about lentils, if they were going to soften, they would have already fucking softened. more


Jim Rooney

Record producer Jim Rooney talks about how to make something great, then let it go. more


Jubal. Tail End of the Old…

A conversation about hunting, then welding, then hunting again. more


In Case of Emergency

Take a moment to locate the emergency exit, situated in the ceiling right above your seat... more


Michael Chorney, Music Inventor

An interview with one of Vermont's finest musician composers. Plus? He sings. more


Leland, the Almost Middle School Edition

He's about to graduate from elementary school. He's got a lot on his mind. more



Kevin is uneasy in the world of people. That's why he keeps his tent close by. more


Muskrat Trapper

Barry Forbes talks about hunting, trapping, and a life lived on Route 116. more


Police Log, Stolen Pie Edition

Recent calls to the Barre and Montpelier city police more


A Conversation with M.T. Anderson

We talk about his new book. And writing. And middle age. And demonic possession...something for everyone. more



Growing up in a family where drug addiction is a fact of life. more


A Beer with Ben Hewitt

A conversation with one of Vermont's most committed homesteaders. more



I'm Aunt Bea. This is Aunt Lil. Both musty with penciled in moustaches and the stodgy good breeding of cauliflowers... more


Pretend You’re the Grownup

When friends potty trained at the dinner table, childhood educator Brett Berk figured it was time to write a book. more


The Test

Scott Carrier spent a summer administering an hour-long mental health test with individuals in Utah. This is his story about… more


Berned in Reno

Sarah Miller writes about her love for Bernie, and canvasing for Bernie in Nevada. more


Farewell Mark Johnson

After 25 years of interviewing for the Mark Johnson Show, Mark Johnson gets interviewed about interviewing. more


Fred Webster

Stories from a life in the Kingdom. more


Police Log

Some calls to the Barre Police in recent days. more


The Taxidermists

Power duo Rodney and Theresa Elmer talk taxidermy... more


Day Before Christmas Police Log

Shampoo was stolen. Grapes were thrown. The police have been busy. more


Police Log Summer 2015

Some calls in to the police in central Vermont this summer. There were odors. A machete was seen. more


Press 4

Larry Massett sent me this weird story. I’m hoping it's the beginning of weird new podcast... more


Kendall Wild, A Toast

Come sit on the couch and hear stories about a Vermont legend. more


Soccer Mom

Being a soccer mom is harder than it looks. more


The Green River Stories

Here is the best canoe story. It's by Scott Carrier. I listen to it over and over. more


Love Life

Steve Fugate roams the roads of America with a suggestion over his head... more


Bison Selfies

Today on Fresh Air, an interview with the author of a new book, Bison Selfies. more


A Long Day on the Road

A mind bending day in Tbilisi with Larry Massett. more


Drag Out

Larry Massett and Joe Frank talk about the supremacy of their cars. It's like debate club except without facts. more


Cats on Boats

Sometimes the world's hottest villain calls you on the phone.... more


Jessamyn West. Technology Lady.

She mucks about at the intersection of libraries, technology and politics. Then reports back... more


Police Log, May 2015

A person didn’t return DVDs. more


Private Investigator

Life as a private investigator in Vermont. Not all covered bridges. more


Three Things I Learned at School

Marc Estrin shares his pearls of wisdom from school. There were only three. more


A Night on Mount Shasta

Larry visits Mt. Shasta...destination for the spiritually curious. more


Why Cooking Sucks

Cooking...the art that yields profound shame and frustration. more


Police Log, March 2015

A thawed sock was found... more



Two strangers meet and talk very late one night on a northbound NYC subway... more



Leland. On death, deep space, and Revolutionary War reenactments. more


Eyes on the Sky

Flurries will stick around, possibly turning to wet snow east of Route 2. Here is...Eyes on the Sky. more


Ed Epstein, A Life in Art

"The beauty of the boat is in the concept not the details." more


More Poopy Old People

Old, but still letting air out of people's tires. more


Piano Practice

A short story about piano practice and parental rage. more


Solidod, An Apache Original

The life and times of Solidod, an Apache original. more


Big Job

A show about the hardest, most humbling job. Parenting. more


Poopy Old Man

An unvarnished perspective on aging by a poopy old man. more


My Son Teaches Me a Game

What is he talking about?? more


Buy Nothing Day

In this season of holidays, we bring you a celebration of...Buy Nothing Day! more


A Vermonter’s Lament

A monologue from a 4th generation Vermont farmer. more


The Eyes of Sibiu

Larry Massett travels back to Romania with Andrei Codrescu. And the ghosts are watching. more


Gold, Frankenstein and Myrrh

The Christmas story. As told by a six-year-old. more


Magic: The Gathering

Wizards, elves, zombies, math and strategy. You won't understand it. But they do. more


Rock Lottery

A commentary about risking intense shame in the name of good parenting. more


Raw Tape

An unedited interview with a young man in Barre, starting life after jail. more


Jamie Cope in Black and White

Where do great photographs come from? more



Sounds and stories from a town. more


Strange Days

The farther you go from home, the stranger things get. A story about Paul Bowles. more


Thunder Road

For generations of Vermonters, Thursday nights in the summer have meant one thing....Thunder Road. more


Night Dreams of Another Life

A late night shopping cart reminds Marc Estrin of a song.... more


Boring Man

Everyone's heard about the counter-cultural festival called Burning Man. But you may not know about Boring Man... more



It's been a long winter. Let's talk about our woodstoves. more


Dry Wall

The Great Wall of China was built with no mortar. Scott Carrier's wall was also built with no mortar. Here's… more


Mortality Tales

An interview about death and dying with someone whose seen his share....Tim Kasten. more


Alan LePage

Interview with central Vermont organic gardening icon Alan LePage. more


Geof Hewitt

An interview with poet, teacher, and reigning Vermont poetry slam champion, Geof Hewitt. more


That Song

A show about songs and stories about songs. Shame, heartbreak, love, summer camp. more


Prisoner of Zion

The US invaded Afghanistan. Scott Carrier decided he ought to go there too. To see for himself. Who are these… more


Prisoners of War

The story of four Vermonters captured at the Battle of the Bulge. more


Road Scholars

The high art of Vermont road management. Featuring Mike Garand and Ray Burke. more


Miriam Bernardo

Singer Miriam Bernardo talks about making a life in music in central Vermont. And she sings. more


Colin McCaffrey Talks Shop

Musician and producer Colin McCaffrey talks about finding inspiration, music as a career, and mushroom foraging... more



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