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Shaking out the Numb

The first show in an experimental series with Sylvan Esso. About everything. more


Officer Clemmons

We talk about his childhood in the South, and one of the great loves of his life--Mr. Rogers. more


I Hate Google Meet

I am not fond of video conferencing. I learned this last week. more


Karl Hammer and the Donkeys

A show about donkeys, optimal chickenhood, and our future on earth. more


Fifty. A Phoenix Moment.

A show about turning 50 and recording Total Eclipse of the Heart. more


Knots and Pandemics

Another celebration of mundane, beloved objects used in our unglamorous everyday lives... more


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  • Hugo Lindbäck commented on Shaking out the Numb: Oooh just listened to the episode called “Par (...)
  • Winnie Wilkinson commented on Shaking out the Numb: Totally enjoyed this and the emotional suppor (...)
  • Ritch Yount commented on Shaking out the Numb: She has a very nice voice...easy to listen to (...)
  • Dr. Francois S. Clemmons commented on Officer Clemmons: My Dear Erica, To say 'There are no words.... (...)
  • Thomas Radwick commented on Officer Clemmons: What soaring spirit and elaborate eloquence p (...)