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In her sixty years, Winnie has learned that not all Christians are actually Christian. more


Knots and Pandemics

Another celebration of mundane, beloved objects used in our unglamorous everyday lives... more


Grant Owen

Kids know how to turn objects into living things. It's like magic... more


Fifty. A Phoenix Moment.

A show about turning 50 and recording Total Eclipse of the Heart. more


1900 Cars

It turns out there are a lot of ways to be food insecure and they're all invisible. more


Our Last Show. For now…

Pots and pans in Barcelona, in Toronto, in Putney, Vermont. Your recordings of the pandemic. more


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  • Thomas commented on Winnie: I am grateful to Winnie for her sermon on the (...)
  • Thomas commented on Knots and Pandemics: Hi Erica— Clare speaks with a professional’s (...)
  • Barbara Finch commented on About Rumble Strip: Just listened to a Winnie’s interview. She is (...)
  • erica commented on We Are Sending You Light: Thank you Jen. Come visit! Just don't come in (...)
  • Jen commented on We Are Sending You Light: I love this and I love your show! One of my f (...)