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What Class are You?

I drove around and asked people 'What class are you?'. Here's what they said. more


Mary Lake Sheep Slaughterer

A very intimate look at where food comes from more


It’s Town Meeting Again.

It's town meeting day. So let's TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN! more


Winter’s Bear

A show about neighbors helping neighbors. And seasonal depression. more


Speaking Whale

Author Tom Mustill on whale behavior, and AI's role in diciphering their language. Also, whale singing. Lots. more


More than a Dog

A show about our unique love of dogs, and the pain of losing them. more


Police Log: The Fanny Pack Edition

This is a show about some of the crime we deal with here in central Vermont. more


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  • Spoon Agave commented on What Class are You?: This must be one of the most important topics (...)
  • Dave commented on What Class are You?: Erica, I loved your show about class. It chal (...)
  • grace commented on What Class are You?: LOVE this....please, continue forever.... You (...)
  • Jennifer Gennari commented on What Class are You?: Loved this. Good for me to hear. I’m one of t (...)
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