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Rumble Strip is named  # 1 podcast of 2020 by The Atlantic Magazine

IndieWire, The Podcasts of 2020: A Tribute, December 2020

100 Outstanding Podcasts from 2020, Bello Collective

New York Times, ‘A Podcast Playlist to Help Distract You’, Phoebe Lett, March 23, 2020

Interview with Bianca Giaever for Believer Magazine, November 1, 2019

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Here’s a lovely review of ‘Thomas Talks About Coming Out’, by Ben Cannon, August 2018

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Two placements in The Atlantic, Best of Podcasts 2015

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Best Podcasts, Audible Feast, Oct. 29-Nov 4, 2016, for Special Olympics are Awesome

Notable podcast, AV Club, June 13, 2016, for Last Chapter:

There is this somewhat divisive notion that podcasts are meant to be “snackable” content. Which is to say, bite-sized pieces of interesting, humorous, easily digestible audio, which continually keep their audience returning for more. By that measure, listeners most likely aren’t drawn to a podcast to have their ideas of the world tested, to feel the spiritual crush of the finite, or to have that experience reveal its true, breathtaking beauty. Those people aren’t listening to Rumble Strip Vermont, Erica Heilman’s preternaturally excellent podcast exploration of life in all its fluid states. This week’s story is one of raw emotional power, and one which benefits from the organic discovery of its events. It is, briefly, a tale of two adult male friends—Rob Mermin and Bill Morancy—and how their friendship helps guide them through the most difficult decision a person is ever likely to face. The production is spare but effective, adding to the experience through subtraction. The plainspoken openness with which the episode’s tale is told is superbly engaging, ultimately making the tale that much more affecting. With this, and every other expertly crafted episode, Rumble Strip Vermont is quietly making its case as one of the most excellent podcasts recording today. 

—Ben Cannon, AV Club, June 13, 2016

Your podcast is the best reason to have Internet access. I find myself amused, informed, deeply touched, comforted, jerked out of complacency, and moved to tears by the people you bring to your listeners. Their stories, their abilities, insights, and experience delight me as well as remind me again and again that the world is full of blessings. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, am about to retire from a career as a staff member in the state’s great unicameral legislature, and have never been to Vermont — or even the east coast, except a brief stay in Washington, D.C. Yet my Midwestern perspective is irrelevant, because your podcasts have meaning for anyone, in my opinion, regardless of one’s geographic location. If I had to pick one attribute that makes your podcast great, I’d say it’s that you let your subjects talk. Thank you for this marvelous gift.

Jon on the slopes. I don’t know which slopes.

—Claudia, listener in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Listed in AV Club’s ‘best of’ for week of August 31, 2015. Sweet. Here’s the nice write-up.

Listed as a top podcast in The Timbre for week of April 13-19. Nice little write-up.

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“Rumble Strip Vermont by Erica Heilman is an aural window into a real rural life that is distinct from the imitative longings of bearded urbanites with antique wooden tables.”Eye on Design

Kudos from 7 on 7 for 5/28/2016

Kudos on the Fred Webster show from from Sarah McMahon-Sperber on June 3, 2016

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