1. F Paul Falcone
    F Paul Falcone March 20, 2020 at 2:32 pm | | Reply

    I sit here wondering how things will end for me. I was borne with a blood problem that almost took my life four times that I recall, maybe more. The first several years were spent in hospitals going from one almost disaster to another. Children’s Hospital in Boston had a special unit for those who didn’t fit in anywhere else. Were were put into high deep iron white cribs and one after another the they pulled blue curtains around a bed and out a small body would disappear on a cart but nothing was said. This was around 1955 or so. Nothing was said of the disappearance but we all knew. I threw my toys and stuffed bear out onto the floor, don’t know why but perhaps it was a protest. One nurse returned my things but often I got other stuff in the mix up. She said if I got to 60 pounds I could go home. She got me eating with late night snacks but learning to walk again was terrible pain but I kept at it. She said she wanted to see at least one of us go home and that was me. Hope was as wobbly, thin and undernourished as I was but somehow she got me going and months later I walked out and went home. And here I am, up and about, outliving two sisters and many people with normal blood and grateful. Hope the virus doesn’t get me, but still, its been a good run with no regrets. Cheers, PF.

  2. Kathryn Breen
    Kathryn Breen March 20, 2020 at 11:38 pm | | Reply

    Hi. I live in Arizona, but my extended family is from the area around Chateautguay Lake, NY. We spent summers in NY on the lake with my dad’s family. My memories there, while together amount to a small part of my life, I believe have molded me in many ways. I listen to your podcast and at times I will hear an old farmer who has the same accent my uncle had, which is hard to describe to anyone here. To hear it brings me joy, as he brought his family joy his whole life. My family has migrated a bit to other places now. Rochester, Plattsburgh, Peru. We fly into Burlington and ride the ferry across. Everyone is getting older now, and many of the people and places are gone. The memories are long and strong and fill my heart. I find your podcast often does the same. I lost my mother in October. I was compelled to write after reading about the loss of your dad. You seem like a kindred soul, and I’m sorry for your loss. I read your dad’s obituary and heard your message and the depth of your loss and emotion is clear. My mom was 88. I’m 50 now. I’m planning to do what most people do in reverse. I’m moving FROM Arizona to that area…to slow down. To enjoy life and the beauty and kindness your podcast captures every episode. Thank you for reminding me we’ve week what is important in life. Kathryn

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