1. Tim Kasten
    Tim Kasten March 19, 2015 at 6:33 pm | | Reply

    Wasn’t sure if this was parody at first. Began to worry and had to check the actual forecast to reassure myself. Hoping to leave on a road trip to warmer places this weekend and imagined being marooned here in two feet of snow when “a frigid arctic blast meets a moist maritime warm front.” In expectation of wet and heavy snow this month or next, the neighbor who plows my driveway has urged me to hire someone to “push back” the snowbanks that are encroaching and have halved the turn-around area. Out of cheapness and defiance of winter I have resisted the suggestion, but I am steeling my weary heart for the possibility…oh, let’s be honest…the likelihood of another sloppy foot! When my daughter was little we used to listen to a tape of children’s songs, one of which had the verse “There’s nothing quite as special as the first snow of the year.” A lovely sentiment in November, but that line is now my acid response to snow in April. In fact, my neighbor suggested changing the words to “There’s nothing quite as special as the first snow of the spring!” Brace up everyone!

  2. linda coble
    linda coble March 19, 2015 at 9:58 pm | | Reply

    Tim! (Mr) Kasten! (my older daughter’s beloved teacher) –
    Indeed, it WAS a parody. And before Erica read it today, it got me into turbulent waters when I shared it with several friends.
    It was taken as ‘real’ by even the most assiduous detectives of my frequent raves and rants. It stirred discomfort. Someone said, “I just wasn’t sure if it was real or a joke.” This, despite the over-the-top hyperbolic exaggerations.
    All that weather happens – but not all at once! Right?
    But…lately, It sort of does! When Erica read it, I laughed all over again.
    I take the hesitant response as a sign – a symptom- of Reality so distressing the Parody gets missed. Or doesn’t amuse.
    Many of my friends describe us as living in a state of Climate Change Traumatic Stress. I think this is so.
    This is our second extreme winter in a row – setting records of every kind.
    I see it It hampering freedom of movement and thwarting expansive feelings. I experience it as prolonged sensory deprivation. Something to be endured – by March.
    I can afford to parody the weather reports because I finally retired from a 28 year job job that had me on Vermont roads, hundreds of miles a month.
    But my little send-up went over like ‘ War of the Worlds. Panic, high anxiety. “Oh, not again!” “You’re kidding!” ” How can they say ‘Make it a good one’ after a forecast like that?” “Is this for Real?”
    But This winter has been No Joke. It’s taken a toll on many of us, despite our courage and commitment.
    I Guess we’ll just have to keep the faith, as advocates for Tikkun Olam: Repair of the World.
    Be well Tim – and Erica and everyone. Spring must come!

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