1. Matt
    Matt September 17, 2014 at 2:14 pm | | Reply

    I really enjoyed this — thanks for sharing it. As somebody who works in making Web stuff (among other things), it’s good to have the useability reality check brought to mind as often as possible. I wonder, however, if the default-to-letter isn’t a symptom of economic circumstances among the unemployed in Vermont as much as it is dunderheadedness; it feels like a CYA kind of policy that “ensures” “proper” communications.

  2. george supernault
    george supernault September 17, 2014 at 2:52 pm | | Reply

    I have been an LNA for the past 31 years,in nov.19th 2013 the nursing home I worked for the past 15 years decided not to honer the contract they had with me and a few others .I was forced to leave.I did not have the means to take the company to court.I thought I could find a new job in the same field in no time,Boy was I wrong!I went to the unemployment office and signed up for benefitts.I received checks until my bebefitts ran out.The government had not extended thm so I was SOL.I was not alone,I went to a unemployment meeting and the people around me were the same age,50 something.I actively looked for work in any field but with no luck.To make a long story short if you are this age do not leave your job without first finding a replacement.I have sense found a job but it is only part time and in another line of work.I also tried to go back to school but was told there was no funds available.

  3. Jessamyn
    Jessamyn September 17, 2014 at 6:35 pm | | Reply

    > it feels like a CYA kind of policy that “ensures” “proper” communications.

    That was exactly what I was feeling. We still treat email like it’s somehow unpredictable, though I have no idea what is the problem with a robocall. Maybe too many people having phones without minutes (or signal). The way they explained it to me was that the meeting was a requirement of one department and the meeting had to happen in the other department and the only way the two departments could … mail merge? was to have these letters generated. I noticed that when I logged in to VT Health Connect this week to pay my bill they had fixed the placeholder text. I feel like I should start a usability consultancy with my team of novice senior internet users.

  4. PS
    PS November 7, 2014 at 11:59 am | | Reply

    Felt really good to hear this from someone who speaks well and isn’t just complaining. Trouble is, nobody is listening and there is no action plan. There is no box to check for your situation, therefore, your situation must not exist.
    We’re all hanging on for dear life as we accept the layers of difficulty being added to our lives. We accept them by doing the job because we need the money. Put your heads down and keep feeding the system. Do not stop, do not reflect, do not have an original thought. We will make sure there is no time for that! The “system” we are building for ourselves is a trap and we are but hapless flies living in fear.
    “we need to do better than this.” YES! But how? Armed tax revolt? Opt out? Just say no? Wear a mask and carry a sign? i for one have had enough of working for insurance companies who prey on fear they invent, then write their own laws forcing us to comply. Is there free health care in jail? Are there any forms to fill out? Maybe i should be asking if there are enough beds there for me and my family because pretty soon we’ll be breaking some law we don’t know about. Like maybe accidentally feeding a homeless person in Florida. Welcome to the wealthiest nation where we have mostly forgotten that we are all struggling humans.
    End of rant. Still no answers.

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